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I'm a Graphic Designer based in Melbourne, Australia. 

I'm interested in the overall experience that design can offer to it's audience.



Ghibli X Cup Noodles

A packaging concept for Nissin Cup Noodles insired by the Cup Noodle Museum in Yokohama. It has been targeted towards Otaku (Japanese Pop Culture Fans) as a means of nutrition that fits into their lifestyle.
It appeals to Otaku as it is not only a form of food, but also a collectible item and something that they can display amongst their other Anime figurines and posters.
The noodles would be sold from vending machines with a choice of 12 different ingredients. This makes it easier for Otaku to quickly get their dinner on the way home before getting back to what they'd rather be doing.


The Mill

The Mill is a branding concept for The Forrest Brewing Company which is based in the Otways of Victoria.
The branding takes influence of the old timber mills that fuelled the small town for past century, these have since closed down and the town has shrunk in population.
The current brewery will soon be moved to the site of one of these mills, which overlooks a valley that was once used to grow hops for the region.
The brewery has the opportunity to help reinvigorate the town by supplying a space for the locals to meet as well as an opportunity for employment.
The brewery doubles as a restaurant but offers a take away window for those who want to pick up some beer on the go. The light box sign would be a main feature of the take away area, as well as performing the function of the beer menu.


How the Light Shines In

Fellow classmates Sarah Winch, Riley Harper and myself volunteered to design and typeset Melbourne author Tom Valent's new book, 'How the Light Shines Through'.
The book celebrates 40 years of TaskForce Community Agency and their contribution to helping those with drug and alcohol problems.
The book was launched at TaskForce’s 40th Anniversary Celebrations in March 2013.

Project Partners

Sarah Winch
Riley Harper


The Art of Copying

"The Art of Copying" is a book that explores the way ideas spread through our history and culture, and the way they are copied and combined.


Arctic Monkeys

This is a CD cover for English band, Arctic Monkeys. The design encapsulates what printed material offers such as tactility which digital doesn't.
The cover is multi-dimensional, the many layers urging the person holding it to really explore through it rather than just glance at it.



Oscar Jackson
+61 405 374 031



I'm a Branding & Digital Designer currently working for Symphonic and living in Melbourne, Australia. 

I’m interested in communication design, aesthetics, emerging media and building relevant and exciting experiences.